Official IWW Literature

The working class need our own education and learning groups.  The reason many of us don’t enjoy school is because it’s the boss’s education and we just don’t buy what they’re trying to sell us.  That is why the working class need our own education; a solid education built on working class principles.  We in the IWW have our own official literature.

The following is official literature of the Industrial Workers of the World as approved by the union’s General Executive Board:

One Big Union

Little Red Songbook

The IWW Organizing Manual

The IWW: What Everyone Should Know

Solidarity: The IWW and Industrial Unionism in America

A New Union Vision

The IWW: It’s History, Structure and Methods

The General Strike – Ralph Chaplin

You are the Union

The ABC’s of Revolutionary Unionism

Dual Carders and the IWW

Think It Over

What Is The IWW?

The Union On Our Own Terms – Alexis Buss



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