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Winning the War of Position: Class Unionism in the Workplace (Part 2)

Winning the War of Position: Class Unionism in the Workplace The organizing ethos of the IWW is necessarily confrontational.  We assume an irreconcilability of interests between the capitalist class and the working class.  We assume that these irreconcilable interests stem from the very process of capital accumulation itself.  We assume that these contradictory interests between … Continue reading

Informal Work Groups – Stan Weir

I read this recently in Rank and File: Personal Histories by Working-Class Organizers by Alice and Staughton Lynd.  I was discussing how important “informal work groups” and being able to recognize the culture of your workplace when trying to develop an organizing strategy for our workplaces with some fellow workers at a BBQ last night. I decided … Continue reading

A Dull Title for a Serious Problem

You are at your workplace, and you decide to look down at your watch or phone to glance at the time.  You see it, and a hopeless sigh is your immediate response. We always encounter this situation.  You want to be out of there.  It’s a long time until your next break, and it’s even … Continue reading

Winning the War of Position: Working-Class Hegemony and Class Unionism

  It is readily apparent to any working-class person that the economic oppressions of capitalist society, numerous though they may be, are only one facet of the system of social control exercised by bourgeois society. The dominant culture is one of homogenous individualism, materialism, and intellectual vapidity. It is not a culture natural to a … Continue reading

Whose Ports? Our Ports!

Solidarity Unionism, Occupy, and the moral right of the working class to control the workplace  On November 2, 2011 Occupy Oakland successfully shut down the ports in Oakland along with the approval and aid of the union, ILWU Local 10, which has a contract with the port’s legal owners.  This event was a tremendous leap … Continue reading

A View From the Bottom: Walmart

You’re sitting in a small, cramp room with several strangers.  You’re anxious, and you don’t know what to expect.  You’ve heard rumors; everyone has heard the rumors.  Eventually a lady walks in.  She pops a DVD in, and quickly gives an uneasy explanation: “Just to be clear, we’re not anti-union… We’re simply pro-individual!” Welcome to … Continue reading

Money Makes the World Go Round

MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND (WHY YOUR PROTEST WAS INEFFECTIVE) Liberals love to stand on a corner, hold some hand made sign, have a drum circle and hold a protest about whatever social issue of the day interests them.  They’ll probably even have a ‘sign-making party’ the night before while they listen to their … Continue reading


The U.S. Guest Worker Program for Exploiting Mexican and Central American Workers by Richard D. Vogel http://monthlyreview.org/2007/01/01/transient-servitude-the-u-s-guest-worker-program-for-exploiting-mexican-and-central-american-workers 1. Introduction Defining moments in the history of a nation are time and again overshadowed by the drama of war. These critical events are often domestic policy decisions that affect the immediate state of a country and have … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above. Or hit Add New on the left (of the admin dashboard) to start a fresh post. Here are some suggestions for your first post. You can find new ideas for what to blog about by … Continue reading